Ray Bovaird, An Example of Black Belt Leadership!

by admin on May 22, 2011


From Sensei Ray:

It was a very good race albeit a little slower than last year (but by choice, read on for details)!!  I could have easily knocked a couple hours off last year’s time (even with the rain and thunderstorms), but fate had an different job for me this year.  A rookie 100 miler needed help – he was pretty fast in the beginning and kept up.  Early on, he wasn’t running with me, he was just shadowing me about 10 yds back.  At that time I didn’t know him or know that this was his first 100 attempt.  After a number of hours we finally started talking – after finding out he was a rookie, I was worried this was too fast a pace for him.  I could do that pace with my experience, but the farthest he had run prior was 50 miles and he was running at a pace similar to what he would run if that was all the farther he would have to go.  He did keep up well for the first half, I didn’t slow down at all to that point.  But the second half of a 100 is where it really gets tough both physically and mentally. The second half of the race he was really struggling both mentally and physically. I made the decision to stay with him and get him through. He had to completely walk the last several sections and would have quit. I had to constantly encourage/yell/push to keep him going. So I felt good about it, I got him through. Him and his wife were so pleased and thankful (she was his crew) – I got huge hugs and relentless thanking from both of them at the end of the race. Unfortunately it turned what would have been a sub 28 hour run for me into something a lot slower (31 hours even – did 29:47 last year) but I made a new friend and made a difference for someone, and got them to their goal. Sometimes there are things more important than speed :). Overall it was a good run. Tough course as always but I felt good. Other than a few blisters and tender feet, the muscles feel pretty good.

“Karate definitely helps with the mental ability to do one of these, I owe a lot of my success in these events to the learnings developed through karate”.

Sensei Ray sets a high bar and example of black belt leadership making him a great Sensei, great father and a great husband.

Spotlight on Sensei Ray Bovaird!

Ray Bovaird With His Daughter

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