Sensei Bryce Is Training In China!

by admin on July 12, 2013

Sensei Bryce Family Martial Arts AcademyFamily Martial Arts Academy’s Sensei Bryce has completed his first week at the Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts Academy in China.
He says that the best word to describe his experience thus far is OW.  He means ow.  He has been performing stances while holding bricks, holding chi gong standing for 10 minutes at a time.  It’s exactly like you see in the movies.  They have him running up mountains, multiple times, doing the same technique sequence 100’s of times in a row. It’s brutal. 


They wake up every day at 5:50am.  Then Tai Chi is at 6. Breakfast is at 7, quickly followed by the first training of the day at 8:30.  He runs a mile and a half as a warm-up, then the actual class starts. There are two classes each day, each one a freaking full 3 hours!

Crazy!  All the students are foreign from all corners of the globe, Swedish, French, Columbian, American, Canadian, Russian, and many others.  “It’s amazing and I’m training very hard”!

More updates in the weeks to follow.  
Sensei Bryce is expected to gain some great knowledge and be in top shape.  

The shaolin masters of kunyu mountain are authentic shaolin monks from China shaolin temple. Students learn tradtional shaolin kung fu.  The Shaolin Temple was founded in the year 495AD. The temple was built in the Nothern Wei Dynasty by the Emperor in order to encourage the teachings of Buddhism.

shaolin temple-kunyu shaolin kung fu school

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