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From Week Five on Sensei Bryce’s Shaolin experience in the Kunyu Mountains of China

Good lord it’s been five weeks already? Crazy talk. Anyways; Hello again from here in the hellishly hot valley of the Kunyu Mountains!
This last week saw a massive improvement in my ability to keep up with my class. Whether that’s because all of the veterans are leaving for home or whether I’m actually getting stronger… heh. Things are definitely looking up for me though.

Anyways, what I was going to say is that I’ve begun to learn the palm channelings for the circle walks. The palm channels are poses that supposedly help to channel and center the yin and yang energies needed for particular techniques. In this case, one arm provides and controls the yin, and the other handles the yang. I’ve progressed up through the 5th channel, and my understanding is that there are… 8 of them? I’m not entirely sure.

Master Qu (pronounced Chew), is an incredible teacher. Looking at him in his streets you would never think him to be a master martial artist and renowned street fighter. He’s short, even by Chinese standards, and is rather wiry for his height. He wears big circular glasses when he’s not teaching, and his hair is kept short.

His teaching style is… interesting. If you mess up while he’s working with you, one of three things will happen: A) He’ll move your limbs into place and then try to explain in broken English what is you should be doing. B) Shake his head and yell at one of the other more experience students to help you. C) Kick you in the back of the legs while yelling.

Overall, it’s a great experience. From what I’ve seen, we’ve (we being the Mantis/Bagua group)got the toughest master. Harder workouts than most of the other teams, and his power stretching is brutality incarnate.

So, dudes, connect me to your worlds too! I’m missing a lot that’s going on back home. Fill me in! What are you guys doing? How are you doing it? Why? When? How? I look forward to hearing from ya’ll.

Stay happy. Stay safe



Videos of Master Baqua Instructor Qu PeiWen




Sensei Bryce’s latest blog on his training regiment:

So I heard through the magic of long range communications technology that some of my students are worried that they won’t be able to keep up with me upon my return to the western world. So, to help ease some of your fears (or possibly make them worse XD), here is what my easiest day of training looks like during the week. See if you can keep up! You only get to rest if there is a space between the exercises.

 8:30 – Medium Speed Run 12 Minutes
Initial Stretching – 5 Minutes
Warm Up:
25 Jumping Jacks
20 Hip Twists while Jumping
20 Striders
15 High Knees (Each Leg)
15 Outside High Knees (Each Leg, Knee to your Hip)
30 Seconds Box Splits (Arms Up)
30 Seconds Box Splits (Knuckles on the ground)
30 Seconds Box Splits (Arms Up)
Second Stretching – 10 Minutes
10 Diamond Push Ups
10 Normal Push Ups
10 Wide Push Ups
30 Seconds Plank
30 Seconds One-Armed Plank
30 Seconds One-Armed Plank (Other Side)
30 Seconds Plank
15 Stretch Kicks (Both Sides)
15 Crescent Kicks (Both Sides)
15 Reverse Crescent Kicks (Both Sides)
15 Side Swings (Both Legs)
25 Step Punches
20 Step High-Middle-Low Block
20 Stepping leg stretch (Like you’re doing the down on one side leg stretch, but stepping down the line)
Followed by Forms for 45 minutes.
3:00 Medium Speed Run 12 Minutes
Initial Stretching 5 Minutes
Chi Gong Standing 15 Minutes (Arms Up, no slacking)
Bunkai/Applications for 20 Minutes
followed by 25 Minutes of line work (preferably intermediate to advanced techniques. In my case, I have to do Bagua sweeps and Bagua Kicksteps)
So that’s my easiest day. If that was no problem for you, then ya’ll got nothing to worry about! If that was kinda tough… well… work harder, get stronger! I look forward to seeing the progress upon my return.
Thank you to all the people who responded to my email from last time. I tried to personally respond to as many as I could. It’s always a pleasure to hear from you guys, and I appreciate that you listen to my ramblings each week :D.
Stay Safe, Stay Happy everyone!

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