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 Imagine your child in the not-so-distant future…..Confident with High Self-Esteem.  Focused and able to handle herself well in challenging situations.

Kids Karate in Beaverton ages 3 and 4 years old
Tiny Tiger’s Instructors Danni Verona and Julie Magers with Riley on Graduation Day at Family Martial Arts Academy


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Family Martial Arts Academy offers so much more than just Karate.  I certainly didn’t expect to find much more than a self defense class, but I was pleasantly surprised right from the start.  In addition to self defense they incorporate a number of  incentive programs that help the children to gain a better understanding of responsibility and independence. Children are given the opportunity to earn points and recognition by participating in programs such as the “Reading Book Club” and working on their “Good Job List”.

My daughter is currently working on complaining less and being more grateful, through their “Dragon stripe Award” program, which encourages her to achieve her “personal best” in this area. She is quite proud of herself so far and is sticking with it because she chose to participate. The instructors (senseis) are kind and authentic in their approach and truly care about the children (and families) they work with.

As a family, we are so happy to be part of this academy and we appreciate the well rounded, supportive, family like atmosphere they have created.

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Ready To Learn How You Can Have “Peace of Mind” Knowing That Your Child Is Prepared With The “Tools” To Succeed In School, at Home and In Life?

Bill Sunderland and his 7 year old daughter Trinity recommend training with Sensei Keller and Family Martial Arts Academy:

“Trinity has been learning to focus better and to avoid getting distracted easily.  She is building her confidence and we have great fun while we learn.  I believe her karate training is one of the best things a dad can do for his daughter.

Confident 6 year Old Dante with a Peaceful Karate Training Message

After One Year of Karate Training

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Check out 3 year old Tiger Ethan breaking his first board in this short video (Tigers start at age 4 now)

Ethan gains confidence on his journey toward black belt

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