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1. “Reciting the karate creed before every class is so positive for my two girls, but also for me at work” 

David Smith comments on the value of our Karate Creed for his daughters Valerie and Stephanie ages 5 and 7, but also for himself at work by “bringing out the best in myself and the best in others”.  Click on the link below to hear David’s comments:

Karate Creed Valuable Message and Application at Home and at Work


2. Every teacher in the Tigers program absolutely loves teaching.  For our peace of mind their karate program is the best money can buy.”

My son has been going to the academy for almost 18 months now.  The methodology of the Tiger’s karate program is geared to make the children feel comfortable and fulfilled.  The instructors are so in tune with the kids they teach that the kid’s confidence, ability to protect themselves, and their over all feeling of self worth is increased significantly.  My son is a real kind and loving boy.  He is in the class to learn to protect himself. While he is far from being able to do that, he has learned how to react to strangers and is growing in confidence to work with bullies.  Believe it or not, I test him from time to time without warning and he truly gets it.  for our peace of mind, this program is the best money can buy.  I say this without any reservation, that every teacher in the Tigers program loves teaching kids, can deal effectively with a diverse group of teaching challenges yet they absolutely maintain a firm and positive attitude when dealing with the kids.  Even 7 year old very active and fidgety boys like my son can be at times.  I highly recommend Family Martial arts Academy in Beaverton to any parent with kids ages 4-7.

Alan Kantor (Son Robert (7))

3. “More Than Just Karate.” 

Family Martial Arts Academy offers so much more than just Karate. I certainly didn’t expect to find much more than a self defense class, but I was pleasantly surprised right from the start. In addition to self defense they incorporate a number of  incentive programs that help the children to gain a better understanding of responsibility and independence.
Children are given the opportunity to earn points and recognition by participating in programs such as the “Reading Book Club” and working on their “Good Job List”. My daughter is currently working on complaining less and being more grateful, through their “Dragon stripe Award” program, which encourages her to achieve her “personal best” in this area. She is quite proud of herself so far and is sticking with it because she chose to participate.
The instructors (senseis) are kind and authentic in their approach and truly care about the children (and families) they work with.
As a family, we are so happy to be part of this academy and we appreciate the well rounded, supportive, family like atmosphere they have created.
Thanks FMAA!

4.”For me it is a miracle” 

What has Karate done for me? In 1996, I began to have anxiety attacks and then, followed depression.   For years, I tried different medication with little or no success. I became an agoraphobic. I rarely left the house because of fear. In, the spring of 2002, I hit rock bottom. One of the worse things that could happen to an agoraphobic (such as myself) occurred. I became a victim of a terrible crime. Words, cannot express the desperate state of despair that I entered. I turned almost everywhere for help. I had noticed the Family Martial Arts Academy on several occasions, but I did not have the confidence to check it out. That is, until, spring 2005. I got the courage to stop in; of course, I brought my mother along for the sense of security. Sensei was kind, proper, and motivating. Hard for me to believe, but I joined with my two sons. Sensei has showed me how to trust again. It took some time, but with discipline of both body and mind, I overcame my despair. For me, it is a miracle. Once, again, I am a Leader, and involved in the community. Instead of looking down, I look ahead to the wonderful possibilities in life.  I work part time, take the boys to swimming, love to shop, joined the Cub Scouts as a Den Leader, drive at night, take my boys to the movies, or to eat at a restaurant, go to church, and especially, we go to Karate twice a week. These, were the impossible, just a short while back. I am telling my story in very few words, but it’s important to let others know how awesome Family Martial Arts Academy and Sensei have been for us. They taught my family and me, qualities that will last a lifetime. I am thankful.

Cindy Carrasco
Mother of Miguel (7) and Michael (11)

5.”I have felt both a sense of pride and humility”

In the short time I’ve been a member of the academy I have felt both a sense of pride and humility. Pride in being part of such a wonderful pursuit and humility by what I must learn. To date I have managed to apply most of the physical, mental, and emotional techniques that I’ve learned to my daily life. I pay more attention to my tasks. Thank you, Sir.

Aisha Ajayi

6.“I can see that hard work [in karate] helps me with life’s challenges”

Karate helps me to be more focused, and concentrate in my school and Pastoral work. I can see that the hard work [in karate] helps me with life’s challenges, especially the challenge of being virtuous. My best day in Karate is                      – challenging, exerting, and fulfilling.

Father Mwaka

7. “We love Family Martial Arts Academy.

My two children have been with the academy now for a year and they love every bit of it. They are ages 4 and 5 and are quite a handful. My son, the 4 year old, has shown the best improvement thanks to Sensei and his staff. He is very hyperactive and has a bit of a temper, but is very intelligent. He takes extra patience and understanding. My daughter is naturally well behaved and even with her I have seen her confidence improve. She even says “Yes, Mom” at home when I ask her to do something. It is a great school.

Amber Wolff
Mother of Owen (5) & Savannah (4)

8. “I am now more confident in all areas of my life.

[Because of Karate] I am now more confident in all areas of my life. I am now physically fit. My best day in Karate was not too long ago. It was my Black Belt graduation. All of my friends were there! I did my presentation and it was a great success. One of my friends had his mouth open and actually said, “Andrew?”

Andrew Kondik
13 year old


9. “Most of all it has given me a pursuit with my whole family.”

[Karate] has strengthened me. It has given me a focus. It has given me self-discipline. Most of all it has given me a pursuit with my whole family. It is good to do this together. Yes, it’s awesome!

Janet Paratore
Mother of Brynn (12) & Fred (15)


10. “I am more respectful. I can make friends easier.”

I listen to my Mom and Dad. I help do the dishes, and other chores. I’m more respectful. I can make friends easier.

Dante Leone
7 year old


11.”Sometimes I feel like I don’t want to do my homework. Self-control has helped me with that.”

Sometimes I feel like I don’t want to do my homework. Self-control that I learn in karate class has helped me with that.

Adrienne Siow

13 year old

12. “Karate has changed my life!”

Karate has changed my life by helping me with my respect, honor, and passion. I have made many new friends and I have passed lots of tests.

Miguel Carrasco
11 year old


13.”[Karate] has made me more respectful.”

[Karate] has made me more respectful. It’s fun. I am more confident.

Macenzie Starcher
7 year old 


14.”[Karate] has improved my attitude at home.

[Karate] has improved my attitude at home. [Karate] has helped me get better grades in school.

Andy Boyer
6 year old

Comments from Parents and Students

15.”I have seen so much improvement in his confidence level as well as in his ability to deal with everyday situations.”

Hello, my name is Tim Edwards and I am writing this letter on behalf of Family Martial Arts Academy and their staff. My now eleven-year-old son has been attending class at this facility for approximately three years. When he started, he was a little timid and lacking in self-confidence. Within this time, I have seen so much improvement in his confidence level as well as in his ability to deal with everyday situations. I credit this to the instructors and staff of Family Martial Arts. I would strongly and wholeheartedly recommend Family Martial Arts to all who are interested in helping their children learn valuable life lessons and self-defense.

God Bless,
Tim Edwards

Listen to what some School Teachers have to say about FMAA:

16.”I enjoyed seeing some students with difficulties rise to the occasion and shape up. I would definitely recommend this program”.

I am Elisabeth Patterson and I teach Physical Education at a K through 5. My students had the experience of having Sensei and his staff, come to my school and introduce Karate. It was a great experience for my students, because not only was it absolutely fun and great exercise, it also included a lot of character education. I enjoyed seeing some students with difficulties rise to the occasion and shape up. I would definitely recommend this program.

– Elisabeth Patterson

17.”They learned and practiced goal setting…”

The program taught by instructors from Family Martial Arts Academy has provided our students with valuable life skills. They have learned and practiced goal setting, that applies not only to kicking and breaking a board, but also to doing homework and chores. I would highly recommend this program to students of all ages.

Sandy Noel


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